FAQ while applying for Departmental Examination conducted by KPSC in SevaSindhu

Q1. What are the steps to be followed to register in Seva Sindhu?

A1. Please follow the steps mentioned below or refer the video embedded here

Step 1: Open Google Chrome browser and visit

Step 2: Click on “New User? Register here” which shall open DigiLocker page


Step 3: Enter applicant’s Aadhaar Number and Click on Continue. Enter OTP received on applicant’s mobile number and press continue. Click on “Allow” to proceed further


Step 4: In case of any message such as “No data received from server”, click on “Ok”. Click on “pop-ups blocked” icon on the right corner of the page and click on “Always allow pop-ups”. Repeat Step 1 through 3


Step 5: Enter applicant’s Email Address & Mobile Number in Citizen Registration page.

Step 6: Set Password. Rules for password are: first letter should be capital followed by small letters, special character & Numerical (Example: Abcd@123). Enter Captcha and click on validate.


Step 7: Enter OTP Received on Mobile No. and Email Address. Enter Captcha and click “Submit”. Applicant shall be shown a message on the screen “You have successfully registered on Please log on to the application using your login credentials.


Step 8:Close the popup. Visit and login using registered Email ID or Mobile Number to apply for Departmental Examinations conducted by KPSC


Q2. What should I do if my phone number is not linked with my Aadhaar Card?

A2. Please visit a Permanent Enrolment Centre to get your phone number linked with your Aadhaar Card. You should apply for Departmental Examination in Seva Sindhu mandatorily using your Aadhaar details ONLY.

Q3. What are the steps to be followed while filling the application form for Departmental Examination in Seva Sindhu?


Q4. What should I do if I encountered an error “No Response received from Payment Gateway”?

A4.Please email the Application Number and customer ID details to and Retry the payment after 1 day.

Q5. Is No Objection Certificate required to be uploaded for Departmental Examination?

A5.Candidates may please note that there is no need for obtaining NOC to apply for Departmental Examination.

Q6. After submitting my application, I noticed an error in the details entered. Do I have provision to change the details?

A6.Once application is submitted after fee payment, there shall be no provision to change the application details. Information entered in the application form shall be printed in the Admission Ticket & Pass Certificate.

Q7. In case of any technical query OR any departmental examination application related query, who should I call for support?

A7a. For technical support, please call Seva Sindhu helpline: 080-44554455

b. For departmental examination application support, please reach out to the following numbers:

Deputy Secretary, Departmental Examinations: 080-30574918

Assistant Secretary, Departmental Examinations: 080-30574952

Departmental Examination Branch-1: 080-30574944

Departmental Examination Branch-2: 080-30574945