Application for No Objection Certificate (High rise Building) - Fire & Emergency

  • This application is used to apply for no objection certificate of high rise building
  • Documents to be submitted with application:
    • Covering Letter, site plan, ground floor plan, typical floor, elevation, section, fire schematic, built up area statement, ownership document.
  • Application Fee : Nil
  • Service Charge (Grama one| B1| K1) : A fee for Residential Buildings is Rs.35/- per or Rs.2,50,000/- which ever is high and for Non – Residential & Other Type of Buildings Rs.60/- per or Rs.5,00,000/- which ever is high will be charged against the total built up area as per Government Order No. ಒಇ 11 ಕಅಸೇ 2019 Date:13-09-2019
  • Service Time: 60 Working Days
  • Bulding Height above 15m
  • To apply online click here